UI & UX & Graphic Professionals: Best Facebook and LinkedIn Groups to Join

“I’m sure, like us, you get bombarded with UX/UI information from a million different directions. Filtering out the important from the unnecessary is a struggle. You don’t want to miss out on anything, so you spend too many late night hours searching for the right blogs or sites to find good UX /UI news. If so, let us introduce you to: Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups. There you will discover the fine-tuned version of the most important UX / UI content that you’ve been looking for, plus you’ll get a full night’s rest knowing you aren’t missing a thing.” Any resource you think it’s worth to be included, please feel free to give a message below in the comment area or simply drop me a line on LinkedIn.

Facebook Groups:

1. Service Design

2. Interaction Design Association

3. User Experience Professionals Association

4. Graphic Designer Jobs

5. Graphic Design

6. UI/UX Designers

7. Graphic Designers are hotter than architects!

8. Graphic Design related Question and Answers

9. Graphic Designers

10. User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)

11. Top Web Designer

12. Web Design & Development (Assad)

13. Design Experience

14. Freelance Web Designers/ Developers/SEO Experts

15. Web Development & Design


17. UI/UX design Jobs

18. Design (UI/UX)

19. UI/UX Designer Group

20. Ui/UX & Graphic Design Jobs

21. UI & UX Developer

22. Programming Laman Web + UI/UX

23. design

24. Web Design & WordPress Hel

25. Designindia

26. Design+Code

27. Web design and development

28. Web Design and Development

29. Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

30. Web Designer

LinkedIn groups:

1. Designers – Web/Graphic, User Experience (UX, UI), Interaction Design (IxD)

2. Designers Talk: Graphic, web, digital design and creative professionals group

3. User Experience

4. User Experience Professionals Network

5. UX / CX / Product / Strategy

6. Web Design

7. UX design

8. UI / UX / User Interface Developer / Designer

9. Web Design and Development

10. Interaction Design Foundation

11. User Experience Professionals Association

12. Mockplus – Prototype Faster. Smarter. Easier.

13. Lean UX

14. Design Research

15. Mobile Apps professionals

16. UI/UX User Experience Interactive Designer / Wireframes

17. Web Usability (UI& UX) and Interface Design

18. Communication Arts

19. Design Thinking Group

20. Web Design and Web Development – Designmodo

21. Graphic designer & art director

22. Creative Designers and Writers

23. UX Professionals

24. UX/UI Architects

25. UX Design. Information Architecture

26. Top Web Designers

27. Mobile, Wearable, and Everything User Experience

28. UX Designer

29. UI / UX Developers

30. UX Pros: Largest User Experience Group: Usability Design Web UI Graphic Interactive Digital CX Jobs

31. Linked Designer

32. Design Thinking

33. UI/ UX Design Inspiration

34. Web Designer and HTML/CSS Developer

35. Graphic Designer Lounge


1. follow the community rules for each group

2. post links to relevant and interesting resources

3. get involved in discussions

4. ask questions, give answers


1. post spam

2. self-promote

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll find that joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups will help you make connections, build your reputation and, ultimately, make you a better UX / UI professional.”

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