Carlos Peña

Santiago, Chile

UX Designer | Senior UI & IxD Designer

# UX Design
# UI Design
# Interaction Design
# Information Architecture
Experience, Interaction and Interfaces Designer with university training as a Graphic Designer. I have also worked on projects for banking, retail, health and e-commerce, I have also taught in the UX / UI module in Desafío Latam. My main task is to work in the process of creating digital products and services within a design environment, understanding the needs of people and the business to create value and transform those findings into intuitive and readable interfaces, easy interaction and focused experience. in people. I have had experience integrating companies to the Digital Transformation, in creation of Design Systems, also, in incremental innovation on existing digital products, digital experience consultancies such as Web Developer and UX Designer this has given me the communication skills to work with both Development teams as design. I have focused my career on helping organizations create digital products and experiences that add value to both people and businesses. I enjoy learning and knowing new techniques in the disciplines that I perform, as I am also excited to collaborate, learn from teammates and colleagues. I share what I learn by teaching UX / UI classes and writing articles for Medium.




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