Jovita Veckyte

London, United Kingdom

UX Designer

# UX Design
# Visual Design
# Digital Design
My name is Jovita (pronounced as Yovita). I am a super vivacious and curious User Experience designer currently trying to break into the London design industry. In the meantime, I am training my design skills while working on side projects and maintaining the mindset while running. :) In the past, I was with my full hands-on establishing clothing brand Bonboz. While developing my own business I had an opportunity to refine business-focused design thinking and gain an excellent eye for details. I came to London to pursue my career in design. After gaining better knowledge of visual design I got obsessed with digital capabilities and technologies. That led me to the UX design immersive course at General Assembly. During the 11 week Bootcamp, I learned and applied different human-centred design methodologies to solve user problems and add business value. I believe in design, that it is a powerful and productive medium to build a better life. That’s why I aim to use my skills and potential to design digital tools that would enable people to enjoy their everyday lives.