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9 Best Of 2017

Published on Dribbble / ui | Gil 9 Best Of 2017

‘Sup guys

I wanted to take the time to thank all you guys for an amazing year. 2017 Was an awesome one for me, gained a massive amout of followers and i couldn’t thank you guys enough. This year I found the courage to start teaching on skillshare.

Talking about skillshare, I started working on the second class about animation in principle.

Here are my best 9 of this year.

Skillshare Test

Video Reveal

North Scroll Animation

Scroll Animation

Outdoors Transition

Scandinavian Workspaces

Beautiful Norway

Onboard animation

My First Skillshare Class

Thanks again guys for this awesome year.

I wish you all happy holidays, may all your wishes come true.

Have a great day! Peace ✌️