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About Page Design Animation for New Website

Published on Dribbble / ui | Igor Pavlinski About Page Design Animation for New Website

Hi guys!

Here at Zajno we’re thinking of redesigning our website. We’ve got lots of ideas, so our objective now is to choose the best design solution for our new website among numerous ideas, the one that would reflect our spirit. I decided to animate one of the solutions we came up with. It’s the about page design created by @turischev. Hope you’ll enjoy the animated version of it.


Tell our story and reflect our spirit with the help of design. We want our future website visitors to capture the mood of our crew, to feel the right emotion. We want the kind of design that speaks, that shows who we are and gives the right vibes.


As our objective was to create the right mood, we decided to do that showing you the landscapes we see every day hanging out in LA, the scenery that serves us as a source of inspiration. I thought it would be better to use gifs instead of just photos to liven up the page a bit making it look more storytelling.

The ‘Contact’ button goes together with the button we all push most often – the ‘Walk’ button pinned to the traffic lights pole. We believe it would work well as a CTA element.


We ended up with a pretty original and storytelling design that, hopefully, gives the right feel and emotion. We do look forward to hearing what you guys think of this! Let us know if you felt those vibes 🙂

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