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AI-powered-Invoice Generator

Published on Dribbble / Popular | Johny vino™ AI-powered-Invoice Generator

Use case: (Create invoice using default tags)

80% of user create the same time of invoice with some minor edits. So we can give a suggestion for description. Most of the peoples tend to use the default tags. Since we have a lot of invoice generator in the market we can run a machine learning code to extract the most used description and service types.


1.In tax, we can check/uncheck the compound tax.

2. Type of selection – one is percentage discount another is the $ discount.

3. We can integrate the payment portal so that its easy for the user to collect money

The main advantage is without even using keyboard and transition to the new screen we can generate the invoice.

This is just a personal preference on how I want to experience the amazon app, Invoice generator i the market has their own reason for their current user flow.

Since the animation is fast, do check the attachment for further questions

Feedback are really appreciated 🙂

Software used: Sketch + Principle