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BNP Paribas – Client Hierarchy

Published on Dribbble / ui | Filip Justić BNP Paribas - Client Hierarchy

Hi people,

Continuing our BNP showcase here. We worked on a project for BNP Paribas helping them improve client management and overview. They have clients that count more than 150k employees. So how can you structure client(company) profile page to better understand what is the latest, who is the relationship manager, what is their company hierarchy etc.


We tried to achieve a clearer overview of larger corporations by introducing hierarchy modules that categorize and group employees based on sector and location. Relationship manager creates a box/module for each section of the client company (AXA insurance in this instance) and populates it with corresponding employees. You can create category tabs such as Sales, Management, Corporate etc. to easily navigate through departments.

Anyhow check the attachment for a better overview.