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Bus Travel – The way to the world

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The way to the world

The pressure of the family, the heavy workload, the complexity of interpersonal relationships … …

We are disturbed by various factors in life, we feel tired!

I like to travel, I like to hide in nature, forget all the troubles, enjoy nature.

For a long time I wanted to design an APP on travel, let my dream of the world into the design.

This application is based on my wife’s design of a product design, thank my wife!

I use a white background, white will give you the feeling of no burden; in the plate design, I use a non-traditional layout.

Beautiful scenery pictures give you the desire to travel!

Compared with my previous heavy color works, I like this design!

Work is not all, the family is responsible. Let travel replace your troubles!

Expect your family to be happy and work well. Every day is happy!

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