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Designers Books app – Chapter navigation

Published on Dribbble / Popular | Johny vino™ Designers Books app - Chapter navigation

Use case: Chapter navigation in books app


User story:


The user wants to navigate to the specific chapter instantly without moving to any screens like drop do, sidebar bottom sheet or popup.

Why you Choose slider:


The reason is since its a common action all common iOS app like messenger, setting mail etc.

This app concept


Whenever we are sliding through the specific book from right to left this will show us a list of chapter with number and head so that we can quickly jump and in addition, we will provide a dot in a specific chapter to indicate this the present chapter you are reading

Features Interaction planned,


1. 3d touch and slide up will increase the font size

2. double tab will change the font


There must be some corner cases we have to deal.

I’d appreciate your point of view

Check the attachment for a better understanding!

Software used: Sketch+ Principle