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Did Sketch dethrone Photoshop in 2016?

Published on Dribbble / Popular | Vu Hoang Anh Did Sketch dethrone Photoshop in 2016?

Hey folks,

It’s been exactly a year since my last post! ?

I personally don’t design much nowadays, but I had a chance to work with 10 amazing artist on the 2016 Design Report by Avocode.

We’ve analyzed over 1M Photoshop and Sketch designs from 2016 and compared them to those from 2015. We found out some pretty interesting things:

∙ Sketch dethroned Photoshop

∙ 50% of layer effects disappeared in 2016

∙ Sketch designs are changed twice as much as PSDS before coding

I’ve personally helped with crafting these small animations. Press ‘L’ if you like them ?.

? Check out the report here

Credits to amazing illustrations goes to:

Maxime Bourgeois

Benjamin Bely

Aleksandar Savic

Steve Orchosky

Turgay Mutlay

Zhivko Terziivanov

Maldo Malacek

Arzu Sendag

Barbora Togel

Filip Gres

Maxime Bourgeois