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Pablo Llanquin Website (FREEBIE)

Published on Dribbble RSS by Hittter / Views | jardson Pablo Llanquin Website (FREEBIE)

Happy Monday!

I got really inspired by my buddy @Geovani Almeida‘s redesign of Pablo Llanquin’s website. We both think that Pablo’s industrial design work is brilliant.

I am bringing here a dark theme version of Geovani’s design with a slower and more complex slider transition.

What do you guys think? For more details watch the high resolution video.

And don’t forget to check out the animation workflow in Principle. This is a quite easy animation that only requires some timeline tricks with “Ease Both” curves that will result into these fluid transitions.

Wanna play with the source file? Go ahead and download it below

⬇️Principle & Background image 🌿

Till the next episode 😎