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Published on Dribbble / ui | Alim Maasoglu Reading experience

Hello guys!

Re-uploading it again because I needed to change the preview. @[39:Dribbble] when are we going to finally edit our shots without deleting it completely? Please make it happen! 😇

This shot right here was a Figma experiment from last week. Figma is a new design tool like Sketch or Adobe XD, but is has great features like to design, present, and gather feedback all in one place with. Also to mention that other people & your team can collaborate in the same screen as you, basically they can join you and begin to watch you design and help you with live feedback.

A feature that opens a whole new possibility to work better with your team and create better products. I will publish a more in-depth guide about Figma as soon as I have time. Meanwhile I will continue to explore & create stuff in Figma, and maybe take a client project on it.

Please check out the attachment so you can see the shot in real size.

I’m again available for new projects & ideas, if you want to chat you can always hit me up at:

Thanks 🤘