Select Seats & Payment flow

Published on Dribbble / ui | Vitaly Rubtsov Select Seats & Payment flow

Sometimes it’s really hard to fit gif under 8 mb or in 500 frames gif limitation in PS. I wonder when these days will end, and cut us loose of these problems 😬

Here is a sequel to my previous shot, covering seat selection & payment flow. Credits goes to @[3729:Anton Kudin] for TouchID source file and to @[32512:Gleb Kuznetsov✈] as I got some inspiration from his amazing works.

Btw, while working on that payment animation I made actual apple pay processing loader and now I’m thinking about sharing it separately as a freebie. Do you guys think you need that one?

P.S. I share some behind the scenes and other pieces of my work on my instagram, make sure to check it out!