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Published on Dribbble / ui | Mehedi Hasan Rownock 💯 Sitespeck Agency Website

Hi Dribbble Folks!

Rise and shine again! Today I would like to share with you guys the latest project that I was working on for last couple of weeks!

SiteSpeck Agency is a creative Web Design agency. It helps people to give their website or so called virtual personality of a business- a brand new look!

Goals: To give the website a brand new face. Clean, simple yet modern one and minimal as well.

Approach: I pretty much sticked with my guns! Tried to make it look clean, simple yet effective.

Results: We got a pretty much clean, minimal yet modern looking website. And like my other works tried to balance the design with negative space.

Hope you guys will like it! Let me know your thoughts. Feel free to share any kind of constructive criticism.

[NB- I had few problems with the Floural project. Trying to solve them. And then I’ll upload the design again!]

Don’t forget to check the attachment.

If you like please show me some love and appreciate the design.

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