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Smart Home – Night Mode

Published on Dribbble / Popular | Majo Puterka Smart Home - Night Mode

Bright, blue light produced by your devices is especially disruptive because its short wavelength is what tells your brain to be alert, not at rest. You know how it feels when you look at some bright UI during night.

Night Shift feature by Apple reduces the brightness and adjust the color temperature of your display to minimize the amount of blue light.

We did the same for the Smart Home UI so your screen becomes warmer (using orange instead of blue color) and darker in the night hours. You will get less light overall, and none of that problematic blue light that disrupts your body’s natural ability to produce melatonin, a hormone produced by your pineal gland that helps you fall asleep.

Is this something that designers should take care of?

Thanks to @[170729:Lukas Horak] and @[824356:Lukáš Straňák] for collaborating on this shot.