Web Service for Making First Aid Kits





Published on Dribbble / ui | Sergey Krasotin Web Service for Making First Aid Kits

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The website created for a pharmaceutical company simplifies the process of creating and buying first aid kits for domestic needs.

The key idea of the website was to offer customers several predefined kits: for home, for travel, for hiking, etc. After that, the user would be able to customize the content with smart filters and direct editing. In this case, customers would be sure that they get what they need and sales numbers would inevitably increase. At this moment, the client and I started to involve a pharmacist to build use cases for the first-aid kits.

As a result, users should be able to receive a unique kit by defining just a few parameters. In addition, users can upload items from the database and map them to filtering parameters thus enhancing the results. Due to the subtle filtration process, the UI turned out to be very simple and rewarding.