Weekly DC UI Challenge – Interactive Data

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Hello all! 

New shot is up!

Here at DC, every Thursday our design team is given a UI design challenge. At 11am the designers are given 2 hours and a theme to be interpreted into any style and context of their choice. The winners of our challenge get a further 2 hours to animate. The theme is “INTERACTIVE DATA”.

每周四我们的设计团队会有一个UI设计小挑战。上午11点会给到所有的设计师一个主题,在两小时里,他们根据对主题的理解,自己制定风格和内容,设计出一个完整的作品。选出的最优秀者会有两个小时去给他的设计做一个小动画。 交互式“数据“。

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