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Experience Architect at Slalom. Creative director / design educator exploring connections across UX, CX, and branding.
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Founder of - helping designers work along developers as one team
I am into still photography as a hobby.
Hey there, I’m Raj Joyshee. I’m a Blogger living in California, USA. I am a fan of fashion, beauty products, and writing. I’m also interested in painting.
I am a content writer who can be seen wandering through the countryside, hitchhiking, and just watching trees grow.
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Building fun things with tech. Co-founder @ Coder One — an AI programming competition (
Discarding bad ideas quickly
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I am a word lover. Freelance Content & UX Writer with teaching experience as ESLTrainer.
# UX writing
# Content writing
# Content Strategy
# Brand Writing
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Research driven ideator.