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Michael Folling ✈️

Founder of @LmtlssDesigns and @niceillos. I tweet about travel & digital nomad lifestyle. Creator at
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Dale Williams

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Tadeáš Adamjak

# UX research
# web design
# digital marketing
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Stephan Petzl


Trendy Bridal and fashion jewelry items from a reputed jewelry store, Gabriel & Co.
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Showrin Barua

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Product Designer 🛠, UX/UI Designer 🖌, Untalented Rockstar 🎤, Photographer 📸 (I know it’s such a cliche), Traveler 🏔🏝
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Design Lobby

Design Lobby helps you manage design assets & version control. Built for high-performance design teams and freelancers
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Peri Langlois

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Côme Sabran

Product designer and web passionate, I created Overlay to help front-end teams ship products faster with design-to-code automated.


Eat, sleep, create, repeat …
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Abhishek Chaudhary

a pseudo-introvert, a web developer, and a maker CEO of TheAbbie
# Javascript