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UI Engineer with a thing for Fitness ⚡ | Currently @Flipkart
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18, Hustler.
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Senior product designer ⭐ I write provocative things because I am a provocative person
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Designer. UI & UX articles at https://marcandrew.me Created Cabana Design System for Sketch https://bit.ly/cabana-sketch & Figma https://bit.ly/cabana-figma
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Heya!👋 I am Ann (ChiaHui Tai). I am passionate about solving problems and bringing forward underrepresented voices.😊
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UX/UI Designer
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UX designer | Accessible, ethical design
Coming from a background in first graphic design, then physical product design and now digital product design.
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Product builder, ft on Lifehacker, Product Hunt #1, HackerNoon, tech blogs in 7 countries. Founder @ Venturescale.to. Maker @ Creator Notion Pack.
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Senior Product Designer at GitLab and the author of the Better Web Type project and the Better Web Typography for a Better Web book. Originally from Slovenia but his passion for simple and usable design took him on a journey through Germany, Luxembourg, London and all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland. He thrives in the grey area between design and software development.