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Ayush Singh

UI Engineer with a thing for Fitness ⚡ | Currently @Flipkart


I'm a London based Director owning and running the UX/UI agency Make it Clear specialising in digital design that support software and platform design.
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Hey there, this is Vikrant! I am a Writer and Designer who loves working on the convergence of Product, Business, and UX.
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Maria Meireles

UX/UI Designer
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Dot Tomczak

Research driven ideator.


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Jeremiah Lam

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Tejas Gawande

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Sophie Zoria

Sophie Zoria is a passioned journalist writing about tech trends, mobile apps, and design. Check out her Medium page:
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Lindsay Eryn 🌿

Freelance UX designer, OOUX strategist, writer, editor, and mother of twins.

Hi! I'm Naima. I'm a psychologist and UX UI designer. Currently designing, prototyping and writing.