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Lisa Liu

UX Researcher, illustrator, aspiring Product Manager. A bleeding heart for the human experience, tech, and mental health.
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Team Sketch2React

No code, just markup 🤖👏Creators of Sketch2React, Stratos Tokens & Stratos Components by @freedruk and @juand4v
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brijesh dobariya

# UX Design
# Web Development
# web designer
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Micah Bowers

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Slava Shestopalov

Design manager @ Bolt · Ukrainian living in Berlin · Design articles · UX memes · Street/architecture photos


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Belanna Zhou

UX / Product Designer @ Pearson, San Francisco; Human-Computer Interaction @ UMICH MSI22'.
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Will Fanguy

Will Fanguy is a content designer at an enterprise technology company. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, two small dogs, and a general sense of optimism. He appreciates a good GIF, a great cup of coffee, and proper use of the Oxford comma.
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Lucian Dinu

I’m a self-taught designer and occasional developer with a continuously need to explore and experiment with technology, software, user-centred design and illustration.
# UI
# UX
# Design
# Software
# Technology
# Illustration
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I am a Founder with a technical background and I’ve done it all, from fundraising to building, designing and marketing. Every story that I had in the last 13 years was the same story. I would have to do things over and over again. I think most people don't realize that every project repeats itself because in most cases they end up having one project and have to figure everything out just once, it’s all new and exciting.
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Alison Quaglia

Apprentice Engineer @ Pinterest. Bridging the gap between development and design. A believer in kindness above all things. 🌱