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A new way for creators to earn

With our Web-Monetized platform, you can earn tips and micropayments directly from readers, powered by payment providers like Coil.

Better business
models for the web

Creativity thrives in open and connected environments, yet the web is increasingly divided into walled gardens. Paywalls help creators paid, but they restrict innovation.

Web Monetization is a new system making it possible to reward creators through tips and live micropayments for first time on the web. Powered by payment providers like Coil, the goal is to facilite a fairer, ad-free, open web.

A paywall alternative

Readers shouldn’t have to stumble through paywalls and ads to read on the web. Web Monetization lets creators receive micropayments from web-monetized users visiting their work.


Web Monetization provides an alternative revenue stream that doesn't depend on invasive practices such as harvesting user data to sell targeted ads, like platforms such as Facebook.

A New Standard
for the Web that
Rewards Creators

Web Monetization is a proposed W3C standard that encourages fairer revenue models for the web.

It starts with payment providers such as Coil. Like Patreon supporters, readers contribute $5 a month to support a collective of websites - not just 1. Content creators receive micropayments at $0.36 per hour when a Coil member views their content. Readers also receive perks across all participating websites.

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Prototypr + Coil

Coil is a Web Monetization provider that provides a way for members to access web monetized content. Coil subscribers on Prototypr get an Ad-free reading experience.

Live Micropayments

When a Coil subscriber visits an article, micropayments are streamed at $0.36 per hour in real time to the author.