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Prototypr is a place for genuine stories from real people. Having been unindated with spam profiles and AI-generated posts, we're currently invite-only to maintain high quality content.

We're creating a more mindful, open, and fair publishing platform.

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Attention hungry platforms force engagement to please algorithms, resulting in clickbait and shallow articles. We're not in a 'content' rat-race – join a network where quality rises over hype, regardless of 'likes' and follower counts.


Free, unbiased, and quality design material is increasingly hard to come by with the rise in paywalls and privacy-invasive ads. We're exploring new business models for the web that keep content open, whilst rewarding writers.

Built to reward contributors

We're working to bring more ways for creators to earn through posting on Prototypr. We've experimented with Web Monetization, but are currently focusing on enabling creators to promote their own goods and services (e.g. courses and apps) with us.

Open source and Inclusive

With the rise in corporate platforms optimizing for paywalled business models, our open source platform keeps educational content available to all readers, no matter their background. Articles are also translated to reach wider groups and cultures.

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