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What drives you as a designer?

What drives you as a designer? Your deepest design career desires 🔮 – let’s explore. Plus, this designer shares how he spent lockdown learning 3D design…and more!   Issue 211 • Brought to you by Maze What drives you as a designer? This week’s highlights focus on career transitions.🔮 Maxime De Greve shares how he […]

A11y and Neurodiversity in Design – Towards a more Inclusive Web ✨

No Subject Neurodiverse users shouldn’t be seen as edge cases. Here are the basic principles of designing with neurodiversity in mind to create a more inclusive web. 09 AUG 2021 • Issue 210 Towards a more Inclusive Web ✨ Accessibility has had significant focus in the design community in recent years. As Danny Ruchie, Head […]

The fall of web 2.0?

How Web3 will revolutionise the web for creators Google, Amazon and Facebook are making the Internet less diverse and more homogenous every day. But times are changing! Organizations like Grant for The Web are hard at work to give independent creators the tools to earn money from their work, without creepy ads or annoying paywalls. […]

AI tools shaping the future of design. 👁 ✨

Issue 208: AI tools shaping the future of design Is a new era of design automation just around the corner? Just like when Adobe advanced the field of graphic design past pen and paper, is design automation going to change the landscape? Einstein designer (2019) can generate multiple variations of a design, leaving a human […]

UI Tips the New Design Clickbait?✨

Issue 206 is it me, or is it just my twitter feed? ‘UI Tips’ seem to be everywhere – “Don’t do this, do that!” Is it helpful, or is it clickbait? 27 Jul 2021 • Issue 206 hellllloooo, welcome to issue #206 👁✨ Did you see them? ‘UI Tips’ seem to be everywhere – is […]

Figma = Zoom + Miro + Mural? 😮

Issue 206 Meet Figma’s new online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm together. To make collaboration even easier, they’ve also announced a new voice feature 💬 that uses the same technology as Clubhouse. What’s New? Figma = Zoom + Miro + Mural? 🕺 Figjam: Not only have Figma launched a new online whiteboard tool to rival collaboration […]

How a feature focus can harm your product

  New: UX Challenges, Design Principles, UI Hut and BackgroundCut ✄. The weekly roundup of articles and tools!       ‌ From the blog See all → By H Locke Best practice for date-of-birth form fields A deep-dive into the most usable UX and UI design pattern for date-of-birth form fields – What the evidence says vs. […]

Einstein Designer 👩‍🔬

  The era of cookie-cutter web design is ending. Will robots replace our jobs? Take a look at how AI is changing design. Sönke Rohde shares the ethical implications of generative design, and what’s next       ‌ What’s new this week? Welcome to issue #204 – generative design, SaaS Kits and more: 👩‍🔬🧪 Einstein Designer – […]