Adobe acquires Figma, cue the memes 🤪

Who saw that coming? Adobe just announced the acquisition of Figma for $20 billion! It's being called a 'new era of collaborative creativity', but what does it really mean? Dylan Field explained on twitter, followed by plenty of serious thought from the design community...but let's face it, we're here for the memes! Let's go:

There's always one that doesn't age well 😉:

Meme: You were the chosen one Figma! It was said that you would destroy the Adobe, not join them.
By @sergencaliskan_

Adobe Figma Quit Unexpectedly

Adobe FIgme 2022 quit unexpectedly warning modal
By Daryl Ginn, and then also stolen by Mr. Biscuit @SShuaiqi

Just force quit, memory is running out:

Mac's 'Force Quite Applications' modal with 'Adobe Figma 2023' at the top
Martin Rariga: "Got an early beta sneak peek of next year @Adobe @figma release. Stay tuned!"


Designers looking back to Sketch:

But what about XD, Adobe?

Meme of guy with girl (Adobe XD), looking at another girl (Figma)
Greg Lewis: Has anyone thought about what @AdobeXD must be going through right now? @figma @Adobe


Figma CC

How will it fit with the Creative Cloud suite? 😛

Figma CC - adobe splash screen for Photoshop mocked up like Figma
Pedro Marques: Wow my app already updated! that was fast!

Classic Drake meme on the scene:

Drake meme - Figma > Fotoshop
Figma -> Fotoshop by @GeekandJob

We've not forgotten Figjam:

Figma and Figjam Logos side by side, looking like Adobe logos
natty @JNad: "Just please don't let it come to this"

Looks good in the dock?

Apple Mac Dock with Spotify, Todo list, Finder apps, and Figma app icon looking like Adobe Photoshop
Anton Lapko: Imagine that tomorrow you wake up and see this. Your actions?

Back to Sketch

Man with hands raised - How's my favourite design app doing?? with sketch logo
Hi Sketch

Sketch is waiting :D

They even made a new software release:

Sketch software update modal saying "New in Sketch 93: Still not Adobe. Welcome back everyone."
By Nate Bolt @boltron: New Sketch update timing is wild

Figma's new Adobe Pricing? 🤑

$999 per month, with no cancel!

Fabian @madebyfabian: They changed the pricing faster than expected.

Wow price changed fast:

Figma pricing table, with inflated prices
By Anurag Bhagsain

Reached my rectangle limit?

Figma screen with modal: You've reached your rectangle limit, upgrade to pro
Rectangle limit by Daryl Ginn

How many rectangles?

Too expensive... let's get a cracked version 😜

Cracked version of Adobe CC 2022 Google search
Cracked version of Adobe CC 2022

Also available on CD ROM:

Happy to announce that Figma is now available on CD ROM
DM me for a cracked serial number 🔐 Luis

CD inserted into a laptop CD drive with a figma logo
@disco_lu: Figma is now available on CD ROM

Solved it:

Figma + Adobe = Adobe - Meme of Figma + Adobe
kiq @CaiqueOliveiraB: don't worry guys! i've solved this equation for you

Welcome to the family:

ToyStory meme showing broken toys, labelled InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, Lightroom
By Tommy Mason, Adobe: “Welcome, Figma!”

And let's add a new promo video (by @buzzyrobot):

This promo video I made with @figma @Adobe . Great news guys! - @buzzyrobot

Some serious thoughts:

Figma CEO blocked me!

Michal was blocked for his opinions on Figma, let's listen to more:

Let's recap!

Long story short:

Dylan Field tweet saying "Our goal is to be Figma not Adobe", with engadget header below saying "Adobe acquires collaborative design platform Figma for $20 billion"
@geoppls: "Short story"

Have a nice day!

Hope you enjoyed this curation, and remember to read this before taking advice from twitter design gurus that comment on the acquisition 😜.

If you have any more memes, send them @prototypr!

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