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Now people can support your work on Prototypr – with a Ko-Fi! Ko-Fi is a friendly way to ask fans to fund your passions for the price of a coffee.

💙 Get a coffee on us: We’re supporting 100 Prototypr writers and contributors who complete their profile with their Ko-fi page.

Just update your Prototypr profile with your Ko-Fi link, and a ☕️ ‘Buy me a coffee’ badge will appear on all your articles. Check out the footer and sidebar of this post as an example.

The Ko-Fi Badge on Prototypr

Here’s where your badge will show up:

  • In your article footers:
  • In the sidebar of your articles:
  • And on your profile page:

How to add it:

If you’ve not yet got a Ko-fi profile, create one here first, and then update the Ko-Fi field at the bottom of your profile settings:

Supporting Creators and Keeping the Web Open

If you find an article helpful, you can now say thanks by buying the author a coffee. Not only will creators love you for it, but it helps keep content on the web free and accessible for everyone too!

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If you found this article useful, why not buy the author a coffee? Not only will the author love you for it, but it helps keep content free and accessible for everyone too!

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