How Important Is the Role of Fonts in Web Design?

When people visit a website, you don’t want to see an ugly design, staring you in the eyes. You want to see something beautiful and well organized. Web design is critical because it sets the first impression of a brand in the eyes of the consumer.

It also plays an integral part in brand positioning, which is why brands should always hire a professional web designer to design their website.

When you hear about a brand that has been making noise in the market, the first thing you do is look for them on Google.

When Google shows their website link, and click on that link, you are already expecting the website to be appealing. However, if the website’s design has been neglected, it isn’t organized and categorized well or is outdated, then that would be the first and last impression of the brand.

Web design is essential because it impacts how a prospective customer remembers and perceives a brand. The impression that a brand can leave with the customer with the help of their web design will get them new customers or give them a competitive edge.

Web Design and SEO

SEO is about increasing visitors to a website and optimizing it. The design of a website affects how a search engine spider crawls and indexes it. There is one thing that web designers should never mess up, and that is to not adhere to the guidelines of SEO.

They need to make a website visible and easily crawlable. Moreover, if a website is SEO friendly, and it has good content for the visitor, then the site will get a good ranking.

Customer Service 

When people open a website, their perspective is to see how the site is designed and developed. It gives them a chance to get to know the brand, about how it is treating its audience. If the website is not well designed, then obviously, the customers are going to think that the brand doesn’t value how customers see their website.

A well designed website doesn’t mean it has beautiful colors and graphics. It means that the website has appropriately presented information.

The information has to be well presented, and not appear haphazard, without any proper categories. People wouldn’t want to check out a business, which doesn’t put effort into giving them a good impression.

A web design should be perceived as the digital face of a business. If someone walks in, even the physical location of a shop, then a person wouldn’t want to show them a poorly made interior. A web design should be focused on making people feel welcome to the website.

Makes Navigating Easier 

A good web design, which categorizes each product and its genre correctly, would be easy to navigate. A web design should give users the chance to explore the website and search for different things.

When navigation becomes easier, then people spend more time on such a site. They can easily explore it, search for things from within, and won’t have a headache after looking for things that they want. Good web design doesn’t revolve around art typefaces only.

Competitors are Doing It

Web design is important because every brand’s competitor is investing in it. If you are not designing your website correctly, then you are losing leads to your competitors.

They are going to not only attract leads but get more customers and generate sales. Take an example of clothing apparel, which has an online website.

Now, this website should have clothing designs, along with pictures of accessories, but if these pictures are not of excellent quality, then that would be a win for that brand’s competitors.

The website design is an opportunity for the brand, so set their design and business apart from the competitors. They should invest more in taking pictures, using a professional camera.

Give the user an insight into the clothes and accessories that the brand is selling by giving them a 360-degree tour of the shop. Adding such designs to the website will make it more appealing for the customer.

Creates Consistency 

The font and the style that is used in web designing creates consistency for other things as well. The same font, layout, and style are used om every page of the website, and if the web pages are very different from each other, then this will confuse the audience.

The audience would want a color, font or style to associate with your brand, or else the brand positioning marketing strategy would fail.

If the website is not consistent, then it will look very unprofessional. People will look for more professional looking websites, ignoring your brand.

To have a good web design, there are some elements that web designers should take into account, apart from having reliable navigation.

Visual Elements 

A web design should have visually pleasing elements. When people are reading something, then they want to look at pictures associated with the text as well.

A message should be concise, but it should have some visual representation as well. However, this doesn’t mean that a web design or a website should be filled with images and videos. Every element should be balanced, and it shouldn’t overcrowd the web pages.

A website, which has too much text, and too little visual representation, is most likely to be less appealing and more confusing. However, the text is important, as well. Many brands and websites feature the helvetica neue font, as it is one of the popular font and can change the appearance of whole design. It will not make your website design stylish but make it user friendly as well.

Gotham is bold architectural capitals, which are the core of a versatile family of the font. There are four widths of this font, and it also consists of eight weights. The weights vary from thin to ultra, and each weight is provided in italic and roman.

This also ensures that every pairing style of the Gotham font has a heavy counterpart, which provides a certain degree of emphasis.

Brand Uniformity 

A brand should create a website in a way that it can set itself apart from its competitors. Study the website of the competitor and make sure not to make a similar one, but a different one.

Communicate the brand message in a way that when the customer opens a website, he is able to see what a website stands for.

If a customer opens a website, and they see several broken links and images that do not open, then they will think that something is wrong with the site.

It is best to test the loading page speed of a website through online tools, to see how long it takes a customer to access the content on the web pages.


When a person visits a website, then its exceptional layout keeps the visitor engaged. For example, you could make small quizzes or questions as part of your layout, which would help the customer to explore the website better.

This will also give the brand a chance to know more about their customers. Web design goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. If brands put internal links in articles and on web pages, then the visitor would spend more time exploring a website.

This will keep the visitor engaged, and if the information he finds is useful, then he would share the link and content with other people as well.

Search Engine Optimization 

A considerable part of web design is how well it is organized. If it is well organized and optimized, then the search engine crawlers won’t face difficulty in recognizing the objective of the website, and what its content is all about.

If the search engine crawler successfully crawls a website, then it will index and make it available for users.

Search engine optimization helps make a website more user-friendly, and people are able to navigate it better.

Organization of Products 

A website is used for organizing and displaying all the products of a brand in a single space. However, this doesn’t mean that the brand puts up pictures and product descriptions of every brand on their home page.

Such a step would overwhelm the visitor. If a brand is selling shoes, then they can be arranged according to their use; sports, casual, fancy, or office wear.

This way, the customer would be able to click on the web page directly they want to see, without having to go through unnecessary things.


The brands that think they can have a simple website design, and won’t have to hire a professional for the job, don’t realize its importance. Such brands should think about the kind of impression they want to make on the customer regarding the brand image, and will they be able to achieve that objective through simple web design.

A web designer knows the elements he should target to make a website more successful. He needs to design a website in a way that the user finds it easy to navigate and look for the things that he wants. The most important part of web design, among other things, is how well it is organized.

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