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‘Let’s bring webrings back!’ Inspired by the Webring, Prototypr Circle is a curated feed of design-related articles with an aim to encourage independent blogging. Just submit your blog’s RSS feed to us, and your articles and profile will be added to the Prototypr network: the homepage, newsletters, contributor sections, and our sharing schedule. This is also known as a webring:

“A webring is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure and organized around a specific theme. They were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s.”

Example feed on the Prototypr homepage

Criteria to join is that you are an independent blog, have a pleasant reading experience on your site, and publish quality work. Just pop your RSS Feed in the following typeform to apply:

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When closed, proprietary technology proliferates, innovation and competition are stifled. The web is no longer a level playing field — it’s a platform controlled by a select few.

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