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If Apple vs Figma wasn’t enough last issue, this time we’ve got Medium vs Twitter as the 280-character tweet limit is no more (sort of). With that, the latest on the Prototypr blog delves into the deceptive design patterns of social media apps, and the outcry against Instagram’s ‘Immersive feed’.

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  • Twitter’s ‘Notes’: Goodbye Medium?
    Reminiscent of how they ‘absorbed’ Clubhouse with Twitter Spaces, Twitter's newest feature, ‘Notes’ looks like it might do the same to publishing.
    With Notes, you can waffle to your heart’s content without the usual 280-character limit. As for the likes of Medium and SubStack, it’s probably feeling a little toasty around their derrières. 🔥

Book with Twitter bird logo on the top
  • The ‘Search-Bait’ Design Pattern
    Despite the similarities between Twitter and Medium, one glaring difference is the search and discovery experience. Social media apps these days adopt a pattern that merges the search bar into an ‘explore’ page. It can leave you feeling like you went to the supermarket for milk and came out with a Christmas candle, multipack of M&Ms, and a novelty pair of slippers — all very nice, but not what you went there for in the first place. Instagram is definitely the worst offender.

Frame 3 (25).png
  • Instagram’s Immersive Feed is a Pig Trough
    Speaking of Instagram, just as I was getting the hang of Sunday selfies and algorithms, Instagram pulled the ol’ switcheroo on us, and now my feed looks more like a cross between TikTok and the QVC network. Rob Diaz sums up what’s going on with their new ‘Immersive Feed’ — it doesn’t look quite as healthy as the rebrand did.

Instagram's old logo, with 2 pigs in the background and a pig trough

Here’s one you might have missed:

All those Instagram pigs might have you hungry for…a hamburger footer!

  • Hamburger Footer: Reaching the Bottom of Infinite Scroll: If like me, you feel regular frustration (and potential onset repetitive strain injury) from having to scroll aaall the way to the bottom of a webpage to get to the footer navigation, Graeme has some solutions for you. Take inspo from Dribbble’s ‘Load More’ button, Airbnb’s ‘Sticky Footer’, or Etsy’s old-school pagination.

My lizard brain is no match for infinite scroll. Alex Ellis

Abstract image of hamburger menu with a real hamburger being clicked

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Screenshot of the grid effect - the central image is focused on, so becomes 3-4x larger than all other images in the grid, pushing them all away
Make Way Grid Effect

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