What if Webflow + Integromat + Windows 95 style?

Hey! 👋

A few days ago, I’ve launched this little web app to generate some business niches to explore. In the beginning, I’ve made this tool for myself and it lives in a dirty, raw code console. But one day, a weird thought comes into my mind:

What if I make my tool usable by everyone in a fun way?

So, let’s get into it 🤟

1. The design

lo-fi design
Tip: use rectangles as “spacers” with auto layout

Figma! Yes, i use this tool to make a lo-fi and then, a hi-fi design of the unique page of my app. Art direction is an important thing for me to build a cool product. For this one, i wanted to bring some retro moods with a retro Windows 95 style.

Key points that helped me to design it:

  • Use references (really).
  • Force you to keep things deadly simple.
  • Don’t forget: design is just a tool, the problem is the thing.
hi-fi design
My final hi-fi design in Figma

2. The implementation

webflow building
The recent v2 at the implementation stage

Webflow! It’s now time to bring the design into a more real-world, this step can be a mess if you don’t make a strong design before. For me, there is nothing worse than making design decisions while implementing or coding.

Key points to transform a design into a real app with ease:

  • Be sure about your design before start implementation.
  • Keep your design as a strict recipe while you implement.
  • Don’t be afraid to go back in your design software and redesign if some things go wrong.

3. The functionality

integromat workflow
Button pressed > webhook > get item > add 1 > update item

Coding! Okay, the sentence generation is a bit of coding but nothing hard! I’m not a dev anymore, is just arrays manipulations and few DOM interactions in JavaScript.

You may notice this global live counter of generated niches? I absolutely wanted this feature on my app! So i handle that with Integromat to increment an item in a Webflow collection when the button is pressed with (Webhook trigger).

That’s it! I’m happy to share my process but please don’t forget: Design, code, and software are just tools, the problem you want to solve is the thing.

Feel free to play with it and generate some niches to explore and ideate businesses around! 🙌

I’m happy to connect with you at [email protected]

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