This Week

Design token ugly mode

Jul 8, 10:41 PM

Design token "ugly mode": a visual strategy to expose inconsistent UI implementations and promote comprehensive design system adoption.

Customer Journey Map Templates

Jul 8, 3:51 PM

Customer journey mapping guide: UX examples, templates, and best practices for visualizing user experiences. Free Miro and Figma resources included.

I Received an AI Email

Jul 8, 1:23 AM

"I used AI agents to send out nearly 1,000 personalized emails to developers with public blogs on GitHub."

Last Month

The time for designers to learn to code is now

Jun 28, 2:15 PM

Why learning to code is essential for designers in today's AI-filled landscape. Learn about resources for mastering HTML and CSS, practical tips for skill development, and how coding knowledge can enhance design capabilities and career prospects.

Config 2024 Review

Jun 28, 1:32 PM

Figma unveils major updates at Config 2024, including Figma AI, UI3 redesign, and Figma Slides. Learn about new features enhancing design workflow, improved Dev Mode for better design-development collaboration, and quality-of-life updates to streamline the design process.

Figma AI: Intelligent Tools for designers

Jun 28, 1:32 PM

Figma introduces Figma AI, a suite of AI-powered tools enhancing design workflow with improved search, automated tasks, and generative capabilities. Learn about new features, data privacy measures, and how these tools aim to boost creativity and efficiency for designers.

Figma Slides Launch

Jun 28, 1:15 PM

Figma launches Figma Slides, a powerful presentation tool combining high-fidelity design capabilities with collaborative features. Learn about its interactive elements, AI-assisted editing, and how it streamlines the presentation creation process for both designers and non-designers.

July 2024

ChatGPT is bullshit

Jul 6, 3:45 PM

ChatGPT and large language models produce bullshit, not hallucinations.

Design won’t be the same after this

Jul 3, 10:40 PM

Explore the future of design in the AI era. Learn how designers can adapt to changing roles, overcome AI challenges, and develop critical skills for success.

Why toggle switches suck

Jul 3, 7:00 PM

Why toggle switches may harm your UI design. Learn about accessibility, usability, and simplicity in form design from Adam Silver.

Productivity apps for 2024

Jul 2, 10:40 PM

Top productivity apps for 2024, including Obsidian, Notion Calendar, and Sukha.

Cloudflare one-click button to block AI scrapers

Jul 1, 10:40 PM

Cloudflare launches one-click AI bot blocking feature to protect content creators. Learn about AI crawler activity, detection methods, and how to safeguard your website from unauthorized scraping and data collection.

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