Devin AI shocks Upwork developers - X reacts


Who's Devin, and why does everyone hate him?

Devin isn't a person, he (it?) is an AI software engineer from Cognition Labs that has put human developers around the world into existential crisis.

Devin is the world's first AI software engineer - your friendly new teammate that can replace all those budding junior developers. Seniors aren't safe either - after Devin has completed his first week on the job and learned everything to know about your company's codebase (and more), you'll be getting demoted to junior developer. And then another Devin instance just got hired to replace you too.

If it isn't scary enough that Devin can build apps from end to end itself, fix bugs autonomously, and even address feature requests in open source repositories...the real kicker was that it has already been used to complete real software jobs on Upwork!

Intentional or not, the friendly nerds at Cognition Labs couldn't possibly have come up with a better and more sinister marketing pitch if they tried! They've even got a full demo video of Devin cracking on with his profitable 'side hustle' on Upwork jobs:


It's part of their launch tweets - excellent! 👇

With twitter in disarray, this post is a run through of all the funny reactions:

Mr.y is confused why Cognition Labs are hiring developers:

Clearly Cognition should just be generating more Devins with Devin:

This fella isn't worried about any of it though, he has thought of the way to demoralise Devin through corporate culture:

Ricky might be right, Devin is eventually going to get jaded with corporate life:

No chance for Devin over here:

That's all I got - until next time... But in the meantime, maybe it's time to put 'human' on your resume if you're applying for Upwork jobs, a bit like the rest of the Cognition Labs team:

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