Freeform: Apple’s Whiteboard App – Sounds Like Freehand, Looks Like FigJam

It sounds the same as InVision's Freehand, and looks similar to Figma's FigJam. What is it? Meet Apple's 'Freeform' - it's been too long since the launch of a new collaborative whiteboard app...or has it?

Freeform is another real-time collaboration board that, much like all the others, lets users share and collaborate on a flexible canvas where they can add images, text, PDFs, and other artefacts. There's even support for the Apple Pencil, letting you doodle along with teammates. 🤩

Whilst InVision might feel 'Freeform' is pretty close to Freehand, the sneak peak Apple shared might also raise the eyebrows of Mural, creators of an earlier digital whiteboard tool:

Freeform is scheduled for release on iPadOS later this year. What sets it apart might be how it allows collaborators to start FaceTime sessions live on the canvas, which could take collaboration to another level. And it's free!

All the Whiteboards

Freeform sounds awesome, but there are a still reasons to choose other digital whiteboards. For example, FigJam is tailored for designers and has great community plugins, such as accessibility tooling like Stark and fun extensions such as FigJenda. Here's a list of all those alternative boards:

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