My partner Taylor and I just launched some new UX Challenges.


We made these so that designers can learn and practice crucial UX skills. There are too many clichéd UI exercises out there. These challenges are different:

👩🏻‍💻 Based in the real world. This isn’t another fake redesign or “create an ATM for a centaur.” Every exercise looks like a project you’d get in real life.

🛠 Practice important skills. UX is more than just UI. Each challenge helps you understand and train a specific UX skill like card sorting or usability testing.

💪 Stop reading: try UX. Nothing improves design skills faster than doing design work. Practice solving problems and see what real UX work is like.

💼 Get tangible takeaways. Have fun with mini projects, then walk away with a deliverable to put in your portfolio or use as a talking point in interviews.

Each challenge has a real-world scenario, a task aimed at helping you practice a specific skill, hand-picked references if you need help, and recommended tools.

Follow along on 🐦 Twitter: we’ll be re-sharing and posting feedback for people who share their completed challenges there.

Let us know what you think!

Will you take on one of the challenges?

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Jordan Bowman