Which UI element are you?

Or a personality quiz for designers

I have not seen many personality tests for designers, now have you? 
I believe there is a gap in the market that needs to be filled as everyone I have asked (many dozens, if you’re wondering) has told me they would LOVE to know which UI element they are. So I thought, it is almost summer and we are all going to miss those lazy afternoons at the beach/pool/country club/bathtub reading some vapid magazine and doing some quiz like “which character from Love Island are you?” or “Which celebrity pet is your spirit animal?”, hence the following personality quiz for you fellow designers. 

Answer the following questions and then check which letter answer you have chosen the most, then head on to the results section to find out which UI element best represents your personality!


1. Which border-radius do you feel more inclined to use?
a: 4px
b: 20%
c: none
d: 10px

2. Which of the following point grids is your favourite?
a: 8pt
b: 5pt
c: 9pt
d: none

3. Which type or gradient do you normally choose?
a: radial
b: linear
c: angle
d: diamond

4. Which design tool is your go to weapon of choice?
a: Sketch
b: Figma
c: Axure
d: Photoshop

5. What is your favourite shortcut:
a: alt + drag to copy selection 
b: cmd + click to deep select (Sketch, Figma)
c: cmd + G to group selection
d: spacebar + drag to pan canvas 

6. Fill the blank in the following sentence: “Are you free for a meeting to talk about ___ at 3pm today?”
a: our design system
b: the state of our files
c: the border-radius of our buttons
d: the new marketing campaign

7. Which Twitter handle would you choose?
a: firstName + lastName
b: lastName + birth year
c: firstName initial + lastName 
d: first pet name + street you grew up in

8. Where will you go on holiday once the world resumes? (or if you’re doing this after the 2020 plague, which is this year’s holiday destination?)
a: Tulum, Mexico
b: Tokyo, Japan
c: Dolomites, Italy
d: Bora Bora, French Polinesia

9. How much free space did you have on your scratch disk last time you checked? (If you don’t get this question it means you haven’t had the pleasure of using Photoshop in a bit and I really envy you, so either purchase the monthly Adobe CC subscription, open PS and take the question or just choose randomly)
a: 4.55 GB
b: 5.11 GB
c: 4.13 GB
d: none

10. How may columns in your layout grid?
a: six columns
b: twelve columns
c: four columns 
4: none

11. What style describes your layer naming conventions?
a: component name + function
b: component name (shortened, like btn for button etc)
c: component name
d: Layer 48934


You got mostly A’s? You are a Button!

You might seem like a square, but you’re not (you got that 4px border-radius)! You enjoy long walks on the beach and listening to your design podcast while nodding at the screen. Sometimes you feel like everyone is looking at you and expecting you to change the world and increase conversion rates while other times you can hardly be seen. Regardless, you’re one that can always benefit from moving around — usually to the top of the page — and shaking things up. 

You got mostly B’s? You are a Checkbox (unchecked)

If there is someone that knows what they are doing, it is you. You might not always be right, but h*ck you are always sure of yourself! Sometimes it might feel like there is no way out or that your destiny is already written but you’re always able to keep your head up and plow on. The beautiful thing about you is that we rarely see one of you in their unstyled self as you truly understand the power of beauty in 2020. Most of you are Libras.

Got mostly C’s? You are a Dropdown!

Listen, you might not always have all the answers but you certainly give it your all! Sure, sometimes you might be not the best choice for mobile or multi select states but you’re definitely someone people can trust and rely on. Even when unstyled you do your best and still manage to get the job done. Sometimes you can be a bit difficult to read. 

This is a label

Got mostly D’s?
You are a Text Field!

You might seem normal from the outside, but inside you lies a universe. A literal honest-to-God universe, you can be and do anything! People want to put numbers in you, there you go, or maybe an alphanumerical string? there you are, flexible and reliable like the Google search (which is what? You guessed it, a text field). At times you might be a bit inconsistent between your default state and your focus state. You like poetry.

Disclaimer: please do not use this as an assessment tool of any kind and it is not a substitute for professional help or assessment.

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