Ko-fi: my tips and tricks!

I have been using Ko-fi for a few months and have already met my first goal! Although I am lucky to have wonderful supportive family and friends who helped me reach this goal, I think that I have discovered some helpful tips whilst using the platform to help boost views, and maybe one day increase Ko-fi support!

1. Have a number of different social media platforms. Personally, I have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account as well as my Ko-fi. I make sure to link my Ko-fi on other social media accounts, and sometimes make promo posts. The more platforms you have, the bigger your audience will be! Just make sure that it’s a manageable number so that you can stay active and engage with your followers and those you follow frequently. 

2. Keep your Ko-fi page updated. This may sound obvious, but treat Ko-fi as any other social media platform. If you share art on Instagram, share it on your Ko-fi too! There is also the option to create galleries on Ko-fi; I find this useful to keep updated as a portfolio.

3. Keep some content exclusive to your Ko-fi page. This may sound contradictory to the last point, but I think it is worth keeping some content that you only post on Ko-fi. For example, I am aiming to keep all of my work in progress screenshots (WIPS) on Ko-fi only. This means that people will need to look at my Ko-fi page to access my WIPS, and they may follow me to keep up with this kind of content! 

4. Follow other creators on Ko-fi. I have found that many of the people I follow on my social media also have Ko-fi accounts. If you have friends or mutuals on social media, it is definitely worth following their Ko-fi page too! It is also worth following artists whose work your enjoy; you will be able to keep up-to-date with their work, support them, and they may even follow you back! 

5. Add an incentive for supporters. It may be worth making some exclusive content only accessible for those who donate to your Ko-fi. On my page, I have created a public Google Drive folder where I upload exclusive icons and wallpapers. My supporters are given the link in a thank you message when they donate. You can then share blurred or cropped versions on social media to encourage people to support to access the content. 

I hope these tips help you out on Ko-fi. Please let me know if you have any other advice! 


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Katie Beth

Freelance Artist at KattKlub