Which design style are you?

Welcome to the mindblowing test for designers!
Are you ready to unravel the truth? 🔮

Count down your answers and let me know what you got down in the comments section! I hope this will bring a little joy and some cute smiles on your faces! 😊 PS. Please note that this test is meant to be fun and ironic, so don’t take it too seriously.

Let’s start!

1. What would your perfect office have?
a) Wooden floors, chimney with a crackling fire, a bear rug under your desk.
b) Modern, ascetic open spaces, robots, big hologram screens.
c) Silenced rooms with sleek, minimal designer furniture.
d) Big cozy cocoon swingers and a cafeteria with free coffee and pastries.
e) Every possible gaming console, free drinks and pizza.

2. How would you dress for a regular day at work?
a) Checkered buttoned shirt (preferably red), jeans and yellow Timberlands.
b) Dark sunglasses and very minimal, designer pieces, mostly monochromatic.
c) Perfectly ironed white shirt and straight trousers.
d) Cozy oversized sweater and coffee cup in hand as an accessory.
e) Just a regular white shirt, trousers, and Nikes.

3. If you could become a CEO at one company, which one would you choose?
a) Working in a corporation is not really for me.
b) SpaceX.
c) Google.
d) Apple.
e) Microsoft.

4. How do you like your coffee?
a) Homemade, in my favorite old school cup.
b) Only bulletproof.
c) Simple, preferably black.
d) Big milky latte with some syrup and spices on top.
e) I don’t really like coffee, cola is just fine.

5. What is your favorite TV series?
a) Game of Thrones.
b) Altered Carbon.
c) House Of Cards.
d) Friends.
e) Silicon Valley.

6. What is the app you use the most?
a) Endomondo.
b) Headspace.
c) Evernote.
d) Instagram.
e) Facebook.

7. You’re ordering a pizza. Which one do you get?
a) The one with all kinds of meat on it.
b) I’d just stick with my salad and protein shake.
c) Margherita, please.
d) Hawaiiiiiian!
e) Definitely the spiciest one.

8. What does your perfect evening look like?
a) Far away from the city, surrounded by nature, wandering.
b) Sci-fi movie marathon.
c) A book and a warm drink in hand.
d) Head out to the city, concert or a party.
e) Couch, games and takeaway.
9. Which one would be your idea for a startup?
a) Solar-fueled vans.
b) Foldable teleportation portal.
c) Tinder for cats.
d) Social platform with a fancy twist.
e) Mobile games development studio.

10. You can get one exclusive ticket. Which one would you choose?
a) Survival training in the middle of nowhere.
b) One way ticket to Mars.
c) A private session with my coaching guru.
d) A whole tour with my all-time favorite band.
e) E3 Premium Entrance.

11. You’re giving a performance at TED. What would you talk about?
a) “Technology is sabotaging our relationships.”
b) “How Artificial Intelligence will take over the world?”
c) “Self-discipline and being systematic is the key to success.”
d) “A great digital product is a happy customer.”
e) “Productivity tips and tricks for workaholics.”

The end! Now, count down your answers and take a look below.


The predominance of the answer A

You are down-to-earth and present a realistic approach in life. You try to connect with the outside world as often as possible. You don’t really care about computers and don’t understand what is going on these days. You prefer old, better times when everything was easier and every little thing had a soul. If you could, you would throw your smartphone away and live in a cabin in the woods, with no Wi-Fi networks available.

That’s also because you truly love to surround yourself with nature— it doesn’t matter if it means taking long walks in the forest, or just enjoying your coffee on a wooden table. You probably have a wooden watch and own a pair of Timberlands. Chopping wood is what truly relaxes you and climbing mountains makes you feel the most alive.


The predominance of the answer B

You’re truly controversial — people either love you or hate you. Some of them strongly criticize you and say mean things, but you don’t seem to care. You kind of enjoy electrifying others.

You are always on top of things. If something becomes popular, you’ve probably already known it before. You are all about the newest trends and fads, and you strongly enjoy everything that has a modern, sci-fi vibe to it.
You wish you could live long enough to experience floating hologram interfaces, space travels, and teleportation. You don’t really mind living in a glass and plastic white futuristic house, eating protein blocks on a daily basis, as long as you could enjoy all the mindblowing technologies the future has to offer.

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The predominance of the answer C

You are not a very popular person, but you don’t really care. You own a small group of fans and friends who are absolutely crazy about you! You know your worth, you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you stay true to your beliefs.

You have your life all figured out! You are the master of being organized, and you’re highly scrupulous. Everything around you needs to be tidy and coherent. The books in your bookshelf are laid in alphabetical order. Everything you own has a label on it. You’re a true homebody. You don’t like to complicate your everyday life, so you try to automate and unify every task.


The predominance of the answer D

You are the person that everyone likes. Subtle, friendly, and gorgeous. You have a strong charm that just magically attracts people. You know you have flaws, but you’ve learned to turn them into your advantages.

You’re an optimist with a big heart. You enjoy social life, attending different meetings and parties – you’re full of positive, vibrant energy and you put a smile on everyone’s faces. People like to be around you and often admit, that you make them feel better then they’ve felt before. That’s probably because you’re empathetic, trustworthy, and genuinely nice.


The predominance of the answer E

You are a person that doesn’t really stand out from the crowd — and actually, you kind of enjoy it. You don’t really have any enemies and everybody somehow likes being around you. You’re a very helpful person and you enjoy doing small things for others. Many of your skills often come in handy.

You’re practical and easy-going. You enjoy simple things the most – you don’t really need anything fancy to spice up your life. A cozy couch, gamepad in your hands, and a cool beer is all you need to have a good time. You try to stay updated about the newest technologies and you keep your ear to the ground when it comes to your industry.

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