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5 Beautiful SaaS Landing Pages

I have a bookmark folder of website designs that I like. 

Every time I stumble upon a beautiful website I add it to the folder.

Here are 5 gems out of that folder that I really liked!

1. MessageBird

I always like simple clean designs. Messagebird is a text-book example of such a clean design.

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2. ScraperBox

Bright red is a difficult color to match, but I think that it works quite well in Scraperbox’s case.

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3. Plausible

Sometimes less is more. Plausible proves that point for me.

Design-wise their landing page is pretty basic. But I think it works remarkably well with transferring the message of their product.

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4. Flatfile

Flatfile is another clean and elegant website design. 

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5. Sleepiest

Sleepiest truly went all out with their landing page design. 

The beautiful landscape is quite eye-catching. And as a bonus, it is all vector graphics so the page load is still fast.

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And that’s it. I hope this list gives you some inspiration!

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