Adobe Acrobat's AI-powered transformation: Firefly generative image tools, cross-document insights, and smart meeting transcripts.

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Adobe announces big updates to Acrobat, transforming it into a multi-format, AI-powered platform. The new features include Adobe Firefly generative AI for image creation and editing within PDFs, and enhanced AI Assistant capabilities for cross-document insights and meeting transcript analysis. These advancements aim to improve productivity and creativity for users working with various document types.

Key points:

  • Adobe Acrobat now incorporates Firefly generative AI for image editing and creation in PDFs

  • New AI Assistant features enable insights across multiple document types

  • Enhanced meeting transcript analysis automatically generates summaries and action items

  • Adobe is offering free, unlimited access to Acrobat AI Assistant from June 18 to June 28

  • Adobe emphasizes responsible AI development, aligning with their AI Ethics principles