Figma unveils major updates at Config 2024, including Figma AI, UI3 redesign, and Figma Slides. Learn about new features enhancing design workflow, improved Dev Mode for better design-development collaboration, and quality-of-life updates to streamline the design process.

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Figma announces several major updates at Config 2024, including the launch of Figma AI, UI3 redesign, and Figma Slides. They also introduce improvements to Dev Mode and various quality-of-life updates to existing features, aiming to enhance the design process and collaboration between designers and developers.

Key points:

  • Figma AI introduces features like Visual Search, efficiency updates, and "Make Designs" for generating UI layouts from prompts.

  • UI3 is a comprehensive redesign of Figma's interface, focusing on a more immersive canvas and component-centered UI.

  • Figma Slides is a new presentation tool built within Figma, combining design capabilities with slide functionality.

  • Dev Mode receives updates to improve the design-to-development handoff process.

  • Quality-of-life improvements include updates to Auto Layout, introduction of UI Kits, and a responsive prototype viewer.

  • Figma plans future improvements for agencies and freelancers, focusing on collaboration and billing.