2023 has proven to be a daunting year for designers worldwide. The industry has been plagued by challenges ranging from mass layoffs to the encroaching threat of AI displacing creative roles. A distressing trend emerges where designers undergo rigorous interview processes, only to find themselves burdened with workloads that would typically require a team effort to accomplish efficiently. This article by Matej Latin delves into the perennial issues faced by designers, shedding light on the lack of research, design strategy, and career progression opportunities.

Key Points

  • Designers are grappling with job insecurity and escalating demands in the wake of continuous layoffs and the looming influence of AI.

  • Recruitment processes have become arduous, with designers having to navigate through multiple rounds of interviews before securing a job.

  • The ratio of workload versus design resources has reached a critical imbalance, with designers often tasked with workloads that would ideally need multiple individuals/skillsets.


"My yearly Why Designers Quit report suggested that designers are unhappy with their managers and have no career progression opportunities."