Figma introduces a suite of AI-powered features called Figma AI, designed to enhance designers' workflow and creativity. These tools include improved search functionality, automated design tasks, and generative capabilities, aiming to streamline the design process and help users overcome creative blocks.

Key points:

  • Figma AI includes Visual Search and AI-enhanced Asset Search for easier component and design discovery.

  • New features automate tasks like text rewriting, image editing, and layer renaming.

  • AI-powered content generation helps create realistic copy and images for mockups.

  • Quick-click prototyping allows rapid conversion of static designs to interactive prototypes.

  • The "Make Designs" feature generates UI layouts from text prompts.

  • Figma emphasizes data privacy and gives admins control over AI training data usage.

  • The AI features will be free during the beta period through 2024.