Figma launches Figma Slides, a powerful presentation tool combining high-fidelity design capabilities with collaborative features. Learn about its interactive elements, AI-assisted editing, and how it streamlines the presentation creation process for both designers and non-designers.

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Figma introduces Figma Slides, a new presentation tool that combines the design capabilities of Figma with traditional slide functionality. This new feature aims to address the challenges designers face when creating presentations, offering a seamless integration of high-fidelity design tools, collaborative features, and interactive elements to enhance storytelling and decision-making processes.

Key points:

  • Figma Slides offers both basic slide creation tools and advanced design capabilities through a toggle-able design mode.

  • Users can access their existing Figma libraries and assets directly within Slides.

  • New features include grid view for easier narrative structuring, embedded prototypes, and animated transitions.

  • Interactive elements like polls and alignment scales facilitate real-time feedback and decision-making.

  • AI-powered text editing helps users refine their message and tone.

  • Pre-made templates and the ability to mix-and-match slides from different templates are available.

  • Co-presenting features allow for seamless handoffs between multiple presenters.

It must be noted that you need a Pro account to use some design features!