What made Google Search such a good experience? Why did it work so well, and how is it now changing and adapting with the advancement in technology and AI? We've seen Google introduce suggested search, and richer content snippets to give users information faster. This post by Erika Hall discusses how Google accommodates text and speech inputs and provides goal-oriented, turn-based interactions that give users what they want quickly.

Key points

  • Google Search embodies core principles of conversational design

  • Search is treated as a back-and-forth interaction, allowing users to refine queries effortlessly.

  • The search interface remained simple, incorporating new capabilities like voice input over time.

  • Google matches user intent, constantly learning from trillions of searches to better understand queries.

  • Search has become highly error-tolerant, able to handle poor input and guess the user's meaning.


14th May 2024



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