Discover the inspiring journey of engineer-turned-artist Pablo Azócar in "Quitting Engineering to Pursue Art Full-Time" on Stay Sketchy.



"Quitting Engineering to Pursue Art Full-Time" is an article featured on Stay Sketchy, highlighting Pablo Azócar's journey from an engineer to a full-time artist. The piece delves into Azócar's personal insights and experiences during this career transition, shedding light on the challenges and rewards of following one's artistic passion.

Azócar's story serves as an inspiring example for individuals looking to pursue their creative passions.

Inspiring Quotes

"I realized that pursuing art full-time was not just a career change for me, but a fundamental shift in how I view and experience the world."

"The challenges of transitioning from engineering to art were immense, but the fulfillment I found in expressing my creativity made it all worth it."

"Through this journey, I learned the importance of following your heart and embracing uncertainty in pursuit of your dreams."

"Quitting Engineering to Pursue Art Full-Time" is an inspiring story teaching you to just get started, how to sell, and how to deal with challenges on the way.

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