Zoom CEO Eric Yuan envisions a future where AI-powered digital twins lead meetings and decision-making processes. Discover how Zoom aims to become an "AI-first company" and revolutionize remote work.

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Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan's, envisions a future of work where AI-powered digital twins attend meetings in place of individuals. Yuan sees Zoom transitioning into an "AI-first company" to automate tasks and decrease human involvement in daily work processes.

Key points

  • Eric Yuan aims for Zoom to evolve into an "AI-first company," leveraging AI technology to streamline operations and reduce the necessity for human intervention.

  • The concept of sending AI-powered digital twins to represent individuals in meetings is a key strategic element in Zoom's future plans.

  • Yuan envisions a scenario where a digital twin can participate in decision-making processes on behalf of an individual.


Let’s say the team is waiting for the CEO to make a decision or maybe some meaningful conversation, my digital twin really can represent me and also can be part of the decision-making process.