Apple's recent ad (titled 'Crush') showcased a minute-long video where traditional art tools and materials are crushed to signify the evolution and incorporation of these tools into the new, and very thin iPad Pro. The ad sparked backlash from creatives, who view it as heartbreaking and creepy. The main message of the advertisement, however, is to highlight the iPad Pro's capabilities and how it embodies historical creativity, rather than being an attack on traditional creative processes.

Key points:

  • The Apple 'Crush' ad symbolizes the idea that the iPad Pro encompasses the essence of traditional creative tools.

  • There is a division in the creative community on whether the ad is disrespectful or simply a conceptual representation of technological advancement.

  • The reaction to the ad includes criticisms and concerns over the perception of devaluing traditional art forms and tools.


"It’s a conceptual message, not an attack on anyone’s creative process or disrespect for legacy creative tools or equipment."

"The obvious implication is that the iPad Pro incorporates all that historic goodness."


9th May 2024



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