Apple's recent advertising campaign appeared to mirror a concept from the 1990 movie "Crazy People." In his article in the Creative Good newsletter, Mark Hurst argues that the ad reveals Apple's true agenda to destroy anything that stands in the way of its dominance and the prevalence of screens. He suggests that the ad's sadistic and arrogant tone is indicative of the new position of power held by Big Tech companies, which aim to colonize and control data from every aspect of our lives.

Key points

  • The ad revealed Apple's real intent - to destroy alternatives to its screens and dominance.

  • Big Tech's immense wealth allows them to discard marketing facades and openly display destructive ambitions.

  • The goal should be restoring creativity, culture and human connection that Big Tech is crushing.


In 1990, a movie called 'Crazy People' arrived in theaters, portraying the intriguing premise of what would happen if advertisements started telling the truth.

The film 'Crazy People' showcased idealized scenarios where truth-telling ads led to increased sales and customer excitement, a narrative Apple's campaign hoped to replicate.


10th May 2024



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