Is Canva taking on Figma and Adobe? Discover how Canva is redefining professional design tools and targeting a new audience in the latest feature set.


Canva, a browser-first design tool launched in 2013, has often been dismissed by professional designers due to its amateur-feeling aesthetics. However, in a surprising turn of events, Canva unveiled new features that could redefine its target audience and capabilities. With a focus on expanding beyond its enthusiast user base, Canva is now poised to compete in the professional design space, challenging established tools like Figma and Adobe Creative Cloud. As Johannes Ippen puts it, is Canva getting good?

Key points

  • Canva is focusing on redefining rather than competing: Canva is not positioning itself as a direct rival to tools like Photoshop or InDesign. Instead, it is targeting users in marketing, sales, and HR who require design assets but lack the expertise to create them.-

  • Targeting a new audience: Canva's shift in focus is towards professionals familiar with tools like MS 365. Canva aims to become the go-to platform for creating diverse design materials such as presentations and brochures.

  • Enhanced workflow capabilities: Canva's new feature set includes the ability to create print documents and video animations within the same tool, enhancing collaboration and streamlining design workflows.